Saturday, November 26, 2011

Smiles, tightropes

Today, I have come across some interesting commentaries on "approaches;" on "paths."

Judy, M.S.-haikuist extraordinaire, today writes about "smiling it away." She's right, the best attitude in the world isn't going to make the M.S. give up and go away. It's not a cure. And won't ever be.

But, if you're smiling, how much power does the M.S. have over you? Yeah, I can't do all sorts of things, but if I have quality of life, and a smile, how much does it matter? Does it affect me--hell yes. Does it change the way I go about my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, entire life business? Hell yes. But if I'm smiling, if I'm enjoying the journey anyway... I'm enjoying the journey. Wasn't the one I had anticipated, probably isn't the one I wanted, but if I'm enjoying it anyway... isn't that all we get, no matter what road we're obliged to take?

And author and professor Michael Cisco has begun a new daily exploration of Kafka's Zurau Aphorisms. Today, Kafka speaks about "the path" not being a tightrope suspended high above the ground, but a rope suspended just above the ground. I'll let the author(s) discuss these ideas, but especially in the context of the M.S. world, Kafka's idea of "a path you can trip over" has a very interesting meaning.

Personally, I find Zen more comforting, but the M.S. Highway is always an... interesting... journey. And so is Kafka's idea.

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Peace Be With You said...

Robert, you always have a remarkable take/spin/twist on a theme, and this is no exception. So from one extraordinaire to another, have a g'day.