Saturday, November 19, 2011

Taking a step

Judy, M.S.-haikuist-extraordinaire, has some very thought provoking things to say about "Yearning to emerge." Her work always speaks to me, but today, it's especially powerful.

I know how she feels. Just look at the photos on this site: Organist, percussionist, archer.

Not any more. (For the foreseeable future, at least.)

And yet, I recall a card I got in a recent Tarot reading: The Devil. What's especially pertinent to me right now are the two people in chains.

In chains... really? Look more closely: the chains are only looped around their necks. They're not really shackled; they could remove their chains easily. If they wanted to, that is.

So I'm currently facing a major "chain-removal" decision. A major, major change, expressing itself most visibly in my place of employment. It won't be implemented immediately (I'm under contract, which I don't feel like escaping from, and I'm sure neither do they) but there are decisions to be made. And plans.

Which, I think, I'd better start acting on. Even in a small way--but I need to take steps in completely, completely, new directions.

Ah, locomotion metaphors. "Taking steps." Considering that I feel like I'm on the edge of not being able to walk at all, "take a step" has a very special meaning.

And now that I think of it... especially considering how hard it is for me to walk, "taking a step" has a very special meaning. It takes more commitment than those who walk easily might think.

So, then, my immediate course is very clear. Time to put the blog down for the moment... and take a step.

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Peace Be With You said...

Robert, thank you. I am glad my words spoke to you. Writing my poems is already a fulfilling act just for me, but to know they touch someone else makes writing them especially rewarding.