Sunday, July 24, 2011

Taking what you can get

Man, ran headlong into "can't do that anymore" today. I used to be able to run cables from monitor to computer. Apparently, I can't any more. Well, I sort of can, but boy, is it expensive--in terms of what it does to my being able even to walk around the house. Every time I stood up today, I wondered whether I was going to make it all the way up and stay that way. Who knew that getting on the ground under control was so difficult. And that simply sitting on the floor was so difficult. And that arranging your legs manually--quite literally manually, with your hands and arms, was so difficult. And costly. So many once simple things are so very, very costly.

I had to drive to two different big-box stores today to find what I thought would be an easy purchase. The driving was easy. Walking, even with the walker, from the parking lot to the inside of the store... that was hard. Really hard. To add insult to injury, nobody had what I needed. I got a sort-of workaround at the second store, which doesn't work around as well as it needs to. I'm going to have to go again to computer stores tomorrow. After going to the dentist. Man, the fun never ends.

I wanted to get this finished before my wife got back from ComicCon. Not like I didn't want her help, nothing like that, but I wanted to do it for her. A gift: making the studio better for her.

Well, she's gonna have to help me anyway. Pushing me around various computer stores to get cables--and it's going to have to be pushing me, because the walking is fading very, very rapidly. Pushing me around computer scores, after going to the dentist. (She's got an appointment too.)

Not as romantic as I had hoped, this "prepping the studio for her."

Well, at least I will (probably) be able to drive us to the dentist tomorrow.

You take your romance where you can get it, I guess.

At least the bloody box works. Not as well as I would like, but it does, mostly work. And I can still walk. Slowly. But I can still walk.

Again: you take what you can get.

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nicole said...

That's one of my new mottos too.