Friday, July 29, 2011

"Good enough"

Now here's a blog entry aimed right between the eyes, from Tiny Buddha; it's about good things ending.

I have several reactions, with equal vehemence:

"Oh, I so need to hear this."

"I have to deal with this every day... but do I really deal with it, every day? Or ever?"

"Get out of my face."

Much of my attitude is based on available energy. If I'm running at a certain "base energy" level, things get done, I can't walk, but who cares.

If I drop below that line, I can't do anything, and I start to spend what little energy I have wondering what "not being able to do anything" is doing to my ability to manifest anything.

A lot got done today. A lot of fun was had today, simply sitting and talking. And my walking is horrible. And that didn't matter.

All signs point to being able to do things tomorrow. Nice things. Writing music. Doing some voice acting. Perhaps even sending some music to publishers, hoping that they might publish some of it. That latter, like the ever-changing quality of my walking, is not under my control. 'Course, it never has been, but thank goodness, I've never obsessed about that, at least.

And tomorrow, I expect my walking will be horrible, it seems to be ever thus.

But it'll be good enough. Which, by definition, is good enough. And that's something else that "over the base energy level" seems to do for me... not having a problem with "good enough."

But today, I'm manifesting, which I haven't done for quite a while.

And that is definitely "good enough."

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nicole said...

Your right. Much of my attitude is based on available energy. I never saw it that way. Thanks.