Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking time

Most of my students are away this week, on some sort of community-building outdoor-education thing. As a result, I have a lot of time free during the day.

And I am getting so much work done. Getting prepped for the rest of the semester, fixing all sorts of problems, even getting some very nice creative work done.

What a strange idea... to give someone enough room, enough time, to do work of real quality.

Well, we just can't afford to do that (I hear the voices say). We need all this stuff done. We can't just sit here and wait until you do the "quality" stuff you want to do.

So... let me get this straight. You (the Establishment) would rather have more than better. You'd rather have a lot of stuff done not very well, than have less stuff done but done really well.

And you get upset when things aren't done "properly."

Why? That's what you asked for.

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