Saturday, November 27, 2010


Second hand-control driving lesson today; I thought I did good, and (fortunately) so did my teacher. An hour and a half of incident-free driving, including a few freeway jaunts. Very, very tiring, mostly in mental paying-attention-to-the-world effort; but even accounting for that, very successful.

He thinks I should do at least one more lesson, but that even before that, I'm ready to call Control Installer Guy and start lining him up to finish The Great Conversion.

And then... freedom. Small freedom, but still freedom. I'll be able to drive myself to, and then home from work... which is, at the bottom line, more effort than I'm expending now (a colleague is driving me, right now); but at least I'll be able to do things like deposit checks and buy frozen pizza on the way home.

And y'know, in the MS biz, you take what you can get.

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