Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hidden blessings

A few years ago, I came very close to a chance to take a Very Impressive Job in New England.

I didn't take it.

On paper, it was the job of my dreams. But for various reasons, I didn't take it.

That was before The Diagnosis.

Here I am, after The Diagnosis... I receive Cadillac care from (from the Official Western Medical Perspective) odd and questionable care givers who in fact are the best thing that could have possibly happened to me.

Temperatures are tending to the high 50's. Unlike your textbook MSer (like those even exist), I am both heat and cold sensitive. Summer makes me suffer above the waist, my legs absolutely love 100-degree heat. The approaching winter, my above-the-waist core is enjoying, and my legs are cold cold cold. They're barely working at all. I lie in the bed under a down comforter folded double, and I'm cold.

And that's with the temperature in the house at 68. I can't imagine how I could bear even to exist in New England temperatures.

And suffer though I do, I'm in Los Angeles, where "cold" is 50. Receiving some of the best medical care one could receive from anyone, anywhere.

And to get this, all I had to do was not take an on-paper Job Of My Dreams.

Amazing, how not getting what you always dreamed of can get you things that are better than you could have dreamed of.

Interesting thing, this MS.

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