Monday, November 15, 2010


So, we have a "teacher's institute" day today, kids get the day off so that teachers can have those ever-so-vital meetings. Can't get enough meetings, can we?

I'm now at home. I had planned to spend the day writing music.

All I want to do is lie down and maybe sleep.

So, what's the "right" decision? Work on the music I've been wanting to work on since, oh, June, is it? That has only been barely worked on because the MS robbed me of energy and creativity?

Well, energy and creativity, right now I ain't got.

My wife said, "Do what your body wants." Honestly, starting tomorrow better rested has a certain appeal. Not working on music when I'm too tired to sit up also has a certain appeal. Leaving music unworked-on for a fifth month doesn't have that much appeal.

And I'd do something about it. If I weren't so tired.

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