Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New prescription

Saw my neurologist/acupuncturist today. I was able to report that I'm getting some sensations back into my legs. What was the initial clue that eventually led to The Diagnosis was a weird sort-of numbness/non-information in my legs. But now, sensation is actually returning.

Control is still questionable to bad. My legs, especially my right one below the knee, are nasty, nasty cold, all the time. My right foot in particular has areas of screaming icy numbness. But I'm actually feeling my legs. Sensation is coming back!

The prescription:

Rub the legs.

The goal: Feed the legs sensation data. Give the nervous system some sensation data to deal with, to help it retrain itself and form new pathways.

Secondarily: Warm them up. Sit in hot water, for example. Do whatever warms them up and makes them feel good.

Of all the things we MSers get thrown at us... in a world of medications whose side effects hit 100% of the time but whose benefits are unknowable... in dealing with the organ system whose workings are the most elusive to any medical science, Western or Eastern...

"Rub your legs and warm them up" is one hell of a prescription.

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