Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to normal (through completely new means)

Yesterday, I had my first encounter with hand-control driving.

Weird, yes. Easy, yes (in many ways). Life-changing, by the time the "road" of instruction and machine-modification has been completely traveled... oh my, yes.

Although my first thought was, "I really should have played more video games."

There are a bunch of different styles of control devices. My trainer introduced me to one of the newer models (which he also said he liked the best, for a number of reasons). I liked it too.

It's (of course) going to take practice, as much unlearning the old habits as learning some new ones, and more instruction; but those were definitely the first steps (tire-prints? the automotive metaphor doesn't resonate as well as the pedestrian) towards returning to the sort of independence that I had enjoyed before The Disease imposed itself so sternly upon my legs.

Something as simple as "I want to go to the bank, then to the store, on the way home" is pretty small, but significant all the same. Especially when it's something you just can't do, given the current State of Things.

Next lesson is Saturday. Perhaps it'll be less exhausting doing it during the day; the first adventure at night was nice (no traffic) but scary (training-car's headlights weren't quite up to the task). But it will definitely be fun.

At least, that's the plan.

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