Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sunny Southern California has taken a turn back towards winter. Well, it could be worse, in Connecticut we used to sing "I'm dreaming of a white Easter" because of how late in the year it would snow.

My legs are not just cold, they're radiating cold. They are so cold, they feel like they're the reason the weather outside is chilly.

And that coldness exacerbates (I hate to use that word) the odd numb feelings, the feelings that my legs--especially my right leg--are overfilled with frozen mercury. I did a little organ playing this afternoon, my left foot is still working (a little bit) but the right leg is really, really, really weird.

I was planning on shopping for a scooter this summer. I may need to shop next week. Driving is getting kinda nervewracking. I'm not driving dangerously, not at all, but I'm not confident at all with how accurate my feet are, when trying to find the pedals.

Spring break starts tomorrow. Maybe I'll use the time to hit the Pasadena Plunge and sit in the hot tub; I did that a lot last year, maybe it's time to go back. (Tried the bathtub; it's free, but not well sized to my extra-long legs and unsatisfying. As opposed to the pool, which is inconvenient to get to but glorious to sit in.)

I'm going to end the day by watching Alton Brown on Good Eats talking about the proper way to make a sandwich. Yeah, my legs are really weird, I'm starting to get really worried about them... but there are still pleasures in life, and damn it, I'm going to enjoy them. So there.

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