Friday, April 9, 2010

Tough love; depletion

Friends, if you wish to truly experience "tough love," and to grok its meaning to the deepest fiber of your being--literally--you only need get yourself to a really high-grade deep-tissue massage.

Oh my. An amazing experience--especially after you get up off the table, and stand up, and find that you're four to six inches taller than you were at the start of the session.

If I hadn't been getting this done for, oh my, what is it, over ten years now--it would have been truly horrible. (Just tell any masseur that "I've been Rolfed" and they immediately know the measure of your mettle.) And don't get me wrong, it can be unbelievably painful.

But oh, my goodness, for the price of that pain, you get back a body you had forgotten that you once had.

I recommend it enthusiastically. But you gotta make sure your practitioner is darned good, otherwise it just hurts--no "new body" bonus afterwards. Funny thing is, the fellow I'm seeing now is another Chinese fellow that we found completely by accident and yet who is unbelievably competent. And yet another instance where my iPhone's ability to access (an incredible Chinese dictionary) comes in handy. If you're working with a Chinese-medicine practitioner for whom Chinese is the native language, show them this; suddenly, things will become very different, very quickly, and always to your great benefit.

Well, that's the good news. The bad news... the nasty, wicked depletion, is still with me. I'm not sleeping through the night that well, but since (thank God) it's spring break, I'm getting in some nap time at home. This usually is a symptom of something my acupuncturist can (usually) cure pretty quickly, but although his cures work, they don't last, and neither of us knows why. (He says these things happen sometimes, and nobody really does know why. Oh well...)

But I'm still afraid to drive. I've only been out of the house to visit health-care providers, although we did have a brief lunch after chiropractic today. I haven't driven in nearly a week. I may--MAY--try to drive tomorrow. In car-crazy Los Angeles, where public transportation "can" get you there, but at a six- to twelve-fold time cost, "not driving" is a very, very big deal.

I am not willing to say that "I'm done driving," but neither am I ready to jump back behind the wheel. We'll see what happens...

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