Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A brutal week; the big spring musical opens tomorrow, and there are thousands of details, endless rehearsal, countless refinements that do and don't get seen to. I'll be really glad when it's over, "fun" though it is.

And an interesting acupuncturing this week. One of the things we talked about was my walking, which has been steadily declining. Not only has my walking been degrading, but every day I get less and less interested in moving, and every day I walk more and more slowly.

I think that this is a self-perpetuating cycle of gradually increasing depletion. I walk without purpose, which means I walk worse, and when I walk, I don't really enjoy it, so I walk grudgingly. Without purpose.

So I told my doctor that maybe I needed just to walk with more purpose; and that would spin the cycle in the other direction, in the direction of support rather than depletion.

So he did something.

And somehow, I've noticed an increase in my purposefulness in walking.

During the long rehearsal after school today, I went without my shoes.

And without my cane.

A small change, maybe it'll only last an afternoon. We'll see.

But I am walking differently. At least, today.

It took me a long time to deplete to the state I'm in today. It'll take a while to refill, even partially.

But we'll see what happens. Spring is coming, there's a change in the weather, and in the energy of the world.

Time will tell.

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