Sunday, November 29, 2009


This weekend, I got the same message from two completely disparate sources. They couldn't have less to do with each other, and yet, they said the same thing.

My kyudo shishou, on his Facebook page, said "Our state of mind must first be giving. We must first offer what we want, in order to receive. And then we must be open to receive."

And also this weekend, I saw on DVD, the Galactica movie The Plan. Which, if you're a BSG fan, I strongly recommend. (Quick caution: The version that airs will be significantly more family friendly, some young ones might not be ready for a few of the scenes on the DVD version.) One of the most touching themes of this film is the power of being open to things that arise within, and come from no one knows where, that will totally transform you, that will enable you to transcend yourself and become something greater than you ever imagined you could be. But part and parcel of that whole process is giving of yourself--which can catalyze transcending yourself merely through the act of giving.

In trying to be honest with myself about what I can't do, I am trying to be open and honest about what I can do. And how what I actually can do (which can vary considerably from day to day) may not be precisely what I used to be able to do... but that doesn't necessarily make it "worse." What I actually "currently can do" has nothing to do with my ego-image of "the stuff I can do." It's an interesting struggle, to detach from the ego-inflating concepts regarding those "things I can do" and instead to be fully participating in, and enjoy, the things I actually can do.

Which, when I can do them, can still be pretty cool, all things considered.

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Denver Refashionista said...

A great focus--what you can do. I try to focus on what is working and not where there are flaws in my life. This works well too.