Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The usual

Another trip to the acupuncurist. Another block unblocked. Even managed to have a civil conversation with someone at my insurance company (for once, they weren't trying to rip me off, no wonder I was confused until at least half way through the conversation).

And I'm back again to "Feeling ok, but want to do nothing." Specifically, I want to do nothing. This, too often, has been The Usual. Unblocked, dug out of the doldrums, lasts maybe a day or two at most, then back to the Pit; that's how it's been for months.

Instead of indulging my craving for nothing, I will in fact try to do something: oh, let's pick something easy... write out more handbell music, try to read the play that's going up in November that I've got to design the production for (tried to read it this weekend, it wouldn't go in the brain, probably the block's doing). Those are good enough for tonight's goals. Looking down the road not too far, I've got to work on music for at least two other events, and prep for a national conference at which I'm making a presentation. I'm sharing the stage with international award winners. No pressure, or anything.

In the Good Old Days when I was an enthusiastic overachiever--even last year at this time--doing this Big Pile of Stuff was a complete non-issue. Now, I feel like I'm a non-starter.

Well, the evening after an acupuncturing is not always the best time to predict the week's energy level, so I'm going to poke at the handbell music (it's a pretty easy project) first. Then the new Daily Show, then read the play.

But a first, moment to share the year's best news: This year's crop of ninth graders is very dear, and they smile a lot. This, by me, is simply wonderful. I always like them, they're always wonderful every year; but this year, they're gentle, dear, and sweet.

Exactly what I need. Daily doses of smiles--you can't ask for better medicine.

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