Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today, I hammered out a new composition: A Vaughan-Williams-esque anthem for SATB choir and organ. Nice and big, oh so Anglican, and (except for a few chords with scary accidentals like C-flats) an easy learner and an easy reader. Done in one day.

This is what my life has been like for the past few years. Music just flows. Sure, there are little speed bumps along the way, moments where things aren't ... quite... working... But by and large, I reach into the bag of tricks and stuff just comes pouring out.

Except this year. Flow? Try "the scraping of the rusty valve" followed by silence. I didn't even have the strength to untie the knot on the bag of tricks, much less open it. Much less just to sit up before unknotting the bag.

Is the drought... over?

Dunno. But right now... I think .... it just might be?

Is it the season of the year? (Autumn likes me, I like autumn.) Fifteen-year-olds that smile back at me when I smile at them? (My students are particularly engaged and engaging this year, they have a gentle kindness that is really wonderful.)

Don't care. Whatever caused the floodgates to open... I'll take it.

Whatever it was... keep it comin'.

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Andy Chen said...

Really happy to hear that life is flooded with inspiration again. Would love to hear the anthem when it's done.