Friday, September 25, 2009

Better. Better?

The end of the second week of school. I got the important things accomplished. I got something I didn't want to do that much taken off my plate so I could do something I wanted to do more. (Whether I'll be able to accomplish that is a different question.) I had fun with my students. We had the most boys ever at Friday afternoon's anime club, I'm clearly going to have to bring in something with way more explosions next week. (Fortunately most of my library has stuff that has all three of good story, good character, and good action. Not a lot of comedy, but a lot of good brain melters... Evangelion, Boogiepop Phantom, that sort of thing.)

And yet, heading off to the store for some ice cream and aspirin, I had another sort-of-panic attack. What is up with that?

I'm almost surprised that I'm not suffering. I wonder if I'm just expecting the sort of energetic dry spell that hung a dark cloud over my summer... but I'm not at all under a cloud right now. I don't think that I have the "no problem, I can handle it, bring it on" energy that I used to have, but things right now seem like they're ... better?

This weekend, I need to write a piece of music for chorus and organ--it'd be best if I could get it finished this weekend, and it had better be an easy learner. Not sure I have a text that I like yet, but... we'll see what comes of it. And by Thursday, I have to rewrite a couple of handbell pieces, now that I know what sort of handbell choir I'm working with. (Small but enthusiastic.)

Strange, to have spent the summer in such darkness, and now that I spend most of my day with fifteen-year-olds, things are much, much better.

I don't honestly know if I'm going to be able to do the amount of stuff that I want to do, but I'm actually enjoying living, right now.

I always get an energetic boost in the fall... let's hope I can bank some of it.

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