Wednesday, July 1, 2009


An interesting concept... "harari" is a specific acupuncture treatment that ties the time of year, or even of day, to the treatment.

I got my Fire element treated with a seasonal harari today (summer is the Fire season). I'll be scheduling a time-of-day harari later this month; each meridian has a two-hour window in which it has a greater share of the system's energy, and you can add "oomph" to your meridian harari by treating it during the correct time of day.

The metaphor for the Fire harari is that it "sweeps the ashes out of the fire."

I think that's been a great deal of my current problem... ashes that keep the fire from burning.

Even before I got off the table, I could tell that something... important... was going on.

We'll see where it takes me. Early indications are that it's going to be quite the ride...

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