Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm back (whew)

A great treatment today. With the last two needles, my doctor said "This should bring you back to yourself." He was right. It did.

So here's the deal: Not an MS attack, definitely, even if the MS was screaming in rage. Not a Wind Heat attack, even if those were my symptoms. Not a URI (upper respiratory infection) or a cold or a flu, even if those were (also) my symptoms.

And the answer is: it was a treatment reaction. I've had them before, but usually with different symptoms. Imagine a good, furious, exuberant spring cleaning: You kick a lot of dust up, you shouldn't be surprised if you cough a little; a treatment reaction is the energetic equivalent. And this reaction, according to my doctor, was hardly surprising, considering the "oomph" of last week's treatment. "It kicked a lot of stuff loose," as my doctor said, "It's no wonder it caused some generalized aggravation."

So, I was right about the connection to the acupuncture, and all those times I had this symptom pattern, years ago, the day after a treatment... same thing. (Wish I had known then, wouldn't have spent so much time fluttering in confusion about it, then or now.)

Best news of all, the MS symptoms that had been going wacko have been significantly backing off, and even more rapidly today since my treatment, so I'm back to normal (?) and maybe even just a teeny bit better! Or at least, no longer so concerned that oh crap, is this the first big step towards "the end?" Just how much longer am I going to be able to walk/drive/everything... Don't have to go down that road, just yet. Good. (To say the least.)

So here we are, the evening of the treatment; I don't have quite enough gusto to pop out of the house to do anything, but at least I feel good enough, had I the energy, to do it.

Mystery solved.

What a relief.

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