Saturday, June 20, 2009


Thought I'd pass along a little something from my doctor.

Every MS patient's experience of The Disease is different. The scleroses are in different locations; the impact of those differences are different. The Disease progresses differently in each patient; and so on.

It stands to reason that each patient's adaptation to The Disease would be different. And this was why he brought this whole thing up.

In one patient, each new setback strengthens her resolve. "I'll just have to work harder to overcome this" is how she meets each new exacerbation.

Another patient's reactions to a new MS episode is terror.

And me... I just think it's stupid. A bit of twisted, dark humor, provided by the universe. 

Great. For me, MS is the "Jackass" of life. Maybe some day, I'll get the joke.

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Denver Refashionista said...

LOL, MS-- the jackass of life.