Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Your choice

Seth Godin's marketing (not MS, hoo boy, not MS) blog this morning talks about "Bravery is for other people."

I suppose people might call my attitude towards the MS Experience as "brave," but basically, what else do I have to do?

My transfers from wheelchair to commode involve doing my best not to hit the ground. Is that "brave," being willing to kinda get up and kinda walk sorta with each hand firmly contributing to keep moving? No, it's do it or don't make it to the commode; basically, there's no other option. I can freak out, or I can keep not hitting the ground.

I am reminded of the time I was on the back of a motorcycle and my friend (the driver) gooses the bike up to 80MPH. Shortly, he stops by the side of the road and says "Most people freak out when I go that fast, but you didn't."

I said, "I figured that anything that detracted from your driving, like freaking out, would be a Bad Thing. So I didn't."

Apparently, nobody had ever done that before. Not freaked out to make things better for everyone.

And during the not-freaking-out adventure, it was kinda cool, riding at 80 on the back of a motorcycle.

So that's the lesson for this morning, MSers. Find the fun. Or find the funny, because there often is something very funny about the moment.

So, freak out, or enjoy the ride? Laugh, even?

Your choice.

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