Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We'll find out

The recovery from our dear little cat's transition is moving ahead quite well. Wife and I still see and/or think of her as we trundle through the house, but we're both doing OK. Karen reminds me that she's had some sort of Special Pet Friend since pretty much middle school or thereabouts... pretty much non-stop; a brief pause after the transition of the beloved pet, and then another one sought us out. So, we have a very good track record of Animal Friends and Us finding each other, so hope springs eternal. It's gonna be fine!

Another call to the urologist's office to try to sort out this prescription/insurance battle. Apparently, it seems, I need something called "pre-approval" before doc can even ask about whether said drug is OK to prescribe. I don't get this at all... isn't the whole "prescription required to dispense drugs" thing essentially, at the bottom line, about "approval?" Doc has "approved" of me taking this, and has moved onto the next stage: wanting me to take it.

But no, some nameless faceless entity who has never met me and knows nothing of me or the history and details of my interactions with various pharmaceuticals, They have to Pre-approve before the person who actually knows me is allowed to do what he knows will actually help me.

"Helping the patient" seems to be not a goal of The System.

... Great. ...

There is a special place in Hell for those who chain up the system to maximize profits at the cost of... everything else. At the cost of the patient's health.

Primum nihil nocere, the Hippocratic Oath requires. "First, do no harm." The insurance company is practicing medicine without a license and breaking the First Teaching of medicine: First--literally, first-- do no harm.

So... they suck. Moving on.

I've been enjoying new powdered green matcha tea that I picked up from Germany, of all places. I'll probably zip off to make some for my wife, then off to the bathroom for the Morning Bathroom Stuff. A story you don't want to hear more about. Trust me. I also paid the final installment for Autumnal Fun of Property Tax stuff, so that's done.

Who knows what the day will bring? Phone predicts gentler weather today, I'll see if I can plant something in Nuala's Garden (the name we have chosen for the backyard plant glory). I'll see if I can maybe type something from bed using my nifty bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. Get something else done, maybe? Or give up now, because I'm already starting to run out of juice?

We'll find out...

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