Thursday, October 8, 2015

In a word...

The cool and wet seems to be getting replaced by the dry and hot. Again. Well, that's LA for you.

I'm getting an acupuncture treatment at home later today. You can't beat house calls! I miss my Olde Time Guy, with whom I still stay in contact, both as an MD and as a friend, but the new person is gentler and has a different spin on her treatments, which is working out well for me. And she has a young one who likes Adventure Time and Steven Universe, so we're in very good shape there!

Did some business that needs doing...first installment of California property tax, for example.

I'm finding that I'm still dealing with electronic business pretty well... property tax, mortgage, DWP stuff, car payments, those all go well. People ask for music, I send it--just sent something to Kansas! But I don't do at all well with the "put a piece of paper into a folder" businessy stuff... find the right folder is somehow very challenging. Thank God for automatic payment systems via the web! They make everything so much simpler.

Fights with the insurance company continue. The usual nonsense, I say I need this, doctor who prescribes it says I need it, insurance company says I don't, I call the doctor, he says dammit yes he needs it, insurance says no he doesn't. I suppose when all insurer really wants is to collect money, e.g., I pay the insurer, they pay out nothing & therefore get more money, it's a great gig, I guess. Cash-wise, at least.

Dropped a note to an old college friend of mine who recently got diagnosed with breast cancer, kinda bad but kinda not bad, at least not the almost-kill-you-with-chemotherapy kind; we've been chatting about the various kinds and benefits that cannabis can provide. We used to do a lot of it informally in college, so it's not a vast gulf to jump, but us MSers know this all too well. Will Thing X help me? Who can say? Well, try something, did it work? Can't really say...

In a word, it's very...


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