Saturday, October 24, 2015

We take what we can get

Massively huge difference yesterday.

In the company of a very strong, resourceful, and patient friend... I went "off campus."

I left the house. Got into a car. Was driven to a nearby, but different city. We had tea, and I kinda ate something for kinda lunch. (Disinterest in food has been happening for decades, so that wasn't a "feature" of yesterday's adventure. Besides, the leftovers await me for lunch today. Which, I expect, will be quite enjoyed... at least, a little.)

Then we got back in the car and went to a herb shop, which as my aforementioned amazing friend described, had some really amazing stuff. I used to swear by a place in Santa Monica, but this is (a) wicked closer and (b) wicked better, I think this is a change we definitely gotta work with.

It took a wicked lot of energy, and for various reasons we were off-campus during the Great Weakness hours, 1-ish to 4-ish in the afternoon, which meant my getting into and out of the car involved Said Friend basically dead-lifting me out of the wheelchair and getting me back into the car. But we made it. I made it.

We also agreed... we're doing this again. It was, on the bottom line... fun.

We may be able to fine-tune hours of going and being off-campus, anticipating the "I really need to lie down and close my eyes and go into neutral" hours that have been arising every afternoon, regardless of location.

But it was HUGE to leave the home property.

Whatever it was that I had been fearing... it didn't happen. Yeah, we need to fine-tune things, but going off campus is at least doable.

Lunching off campus isn't really a good idea yet, but going off campus... that's doable.

My wife may not be the best person to do the transporting, with me needing to be dead-lifted out of the wheelchair when my leg-strength goes away during the mid-afternoon low times. But leaving the house is definitely doable, and doable with at least a little enjoyment.

We take what we can get.

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