Thursday, October 22, 2015

From time to time

The saga continues. I hear that the conference that I usually speak at, open! has been progressing apace, and it seems that the hotel hosting it is of course celebrating Octoberfest and trashing the whole facility, adding beer and bratwurst of course, excusing the trashing of everything.

This bit... I don't miss.

Insurance nonsense continues... I gave up hoping for insurance to come through, I sent a message to doc about "Is this 'keep trying different prescriptions given that we already know which one works really a good idea?' especially the bombardment of cruft I get from the MS Pharma world, offering different things that will make everything better and then don't, but they sure cost a lot, like $100+ per day for the rest of your life, what a great idea, what about THAT one?

This "keep trying stuff when we already know what works" thing falls into the category of "What, are you high?"
So enough of that. Time for more tea.

My wife has found some interesting "get friends to help" apps on the web, when they work out (or don't) I'll share them with you, for those who need or want friends to help folks like me (us) who too often need help.

But... from time to time, who doesn't need help?

Well, those of us who still have problems fusing... We don't have it as easy as some do...

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