Saturday, October 31, 2015

Adventure enough is, well...

Well, it's Halloween as I write this, or Hallowe'en if you want to spell strictly,  the evening before the day the Catholic church ages ago dedicated to all the saints, so all-hallows (all saints's) day gets all-hallows evening, or all-hallows-evening which became hallow-even or hallowe'en.

Or, if you prefer the Celtic calendar, tonight will be Sambhain, or as more people spell it "Samhain," gotta love those crazy celts and their wacky spelling and pronunciation. (Used to be the name of our cat, now of blessed memory, but that's another show.)

Sambhain is the time that the veil between worlds is at its thinnest; a good time for scrying, fire ceremonies, and other celebrations and mysteries.

Ah, if life with MS could only be handled with a really cool fire ceremony. I don't think even Burning Man can do it.
Festivals or no, times are dark, if you don't mind the metaphor. I had a friend over yesterday, when I booked him I had hoped that it would be a good day to adventure off-property, maybe get some lunch while we were out. Nope, yesterday was a stay home and pretty much stay in bed. Sleep if I can. My friend was over anyway, he's an amazing caregiver, he was perfectly happy to poke at his own computer as he fought with the state's something-or-other system, watch the occasional cartoon--he really loves Rick and Morty, and I'm so happy to share it with him because I love it too.
But my life is basically get up, enjoy some time in the Cath Club clubhouse, go back to bed, listen to cartoons or YouTube--I've been digging the "Crash Course In..." series--and try to sleep, if I'm lucky. I have zero interest in eating (it's no wonder that I'm 130 pounds, if that), I'm usually sorta kinda willing to sorta kinda try and at least eat something, but it's tricky to find what will interest me that is also accessible to my fading manual dexterity which is also actually nutritious. Breakfast is easier than other stiff, lunch is always the feeblest eating.

Lord, I never thought I'd come this way. Who can predict where having MS will lead you? I knew before I got The Diagnosis that my legs were on their way out, but zero creating and zero leaving the house and zero "go have fun" adventures because I just don't have the oomph for them, and even matcha doesn't help.

Earlier this morning I placed an order for this really really cool kind that comes from Munich, Germany. I don't really count ordering from German websites as an "adventure," although it is one, in its own way. Kinda.

I made a call yesterday to a longtime friend affiliated with This Important Place. Said place has developed... issues... that I'm really glad never came my way. Not all adventures are worth having.
But, as Alton Brown often said, that's another show.

So, the small morning victories...  write a blog post, send a note, place an order. Make tea, set up for making it for Karen when she gets up, go start the morning Bathroom Stuff. Come back to the kitchen, make and have breakfast, go to bed and stay there until the Cath Club calls for attention. See to that, then go back to bed. Repeat the last two steps.

Enough adventures, transferring from the wheelchair to the bed or the commode. Which, given the times I hit the floor because my legs gave out under me, is adventure enough.

Adventure enough is, well...

Not just enough, but plenty.

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