Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just say the mantra

Quite the day, yesterday.

My poor beloved wife, who is far too often my go-to caregiver, was absolutely racked by a day of migraines. Which could not be gotten rid of. Plus, the people to whom she regularly goes to get de-migrained weren't seeing anyone yesterday, Saturday and all.

Not a good day.
A generous beyond the word "generosity" swooped in later that evening and got us both dinner.
Note to all who rely upon caregivers: Take care of them yourself, however and as best you can. Pay close attention to them, they'll tell you what they need. Even if it's only indirectly, or in some cases, if they actually are telling you but you're not paying attention. As a friend of mine long ago told me what he'd do to summarize they taught him about zen while spending a summer at a zen center...

Pay attention.

Good advice for MSers and those who have not been "accessorized" as some of us have.

And I came up with a new mantra! Perhaps at times a "reminder" rather than a mantra, but it works for an awful lot of stuff.

Times come when not-particularly helpful or generous or useful or anything at all positive thoughts simply stick in your head and need help being gotten rid of.

And, non MSers, it has nothing to do with MS like so much of this stuff often does, so you can use it too.

Stop the non-supportive thought that has cemented itself into your mind, and simply remind yourself:
I don't need to rehearse this... it isn't worth performing.
My prayer is that so many seem chained to being pissed off at various political people/entities, whom you'll never meet, and whom you can neither speak to nor change their thoughts or behaviors...

Just say the mantra.

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Muffie said...

It's so difficult when our caregivers need care given to them. I went through it for months when my husband had back problems. I tried to be more independent, but he still insisted on helping me. I think you and I are fortunate to have these kind souls in our lives. Your mantra reminds me of: 'Not my circus, not my monkeys!'