Monday, August 24, 2015

Probably not

Wow! Another blog, soon even! Wow!

Don't have much to say, have next to nothing new to report... Will I do music today? I don't know. Do I want to? Well, at least a little, but I dunno if there's gonna be enough power to push much.

Going back to sleep, after Alab/B-san woke me at 2 and 5. Wasn't too het up with getting more awake to tweak the computer at said times, did manage to kinda get back to sleep but not particularly well, what with leg aches and such adding to awakitude.
Making high-mountain oolong today, a nice way to start the day or to enliven the day, too! Even a little bit is a gift.

I'm taking a new pill to calm B-san, it's once a day, the doc office says morning or evening, depending on what helps you more, but I haven't figured out what the best time is. Each time has its own Issues, picking the time to solve some issues means that others aren't seen to & thus there are still Issues for me to deal with.

Haven't decided whether to just give up for now or to at least pretend to continue...

Probably, give up. I'll have another cup of oolong, see whether Wife needs her morning tea, and go to bed. Catch last night's John Oliver, maybe whatever Crash Course In... is new today, maybe I'll catch another viewing of last night's Rick and Morty. None of that get music written, but maybe I can sleep.

And there's no ostensible reason not to return to the studio at some time today even! Probably won't happen...

But might.

But probably not, alas.

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Muffie said...

You're sounding better than you have. I wonder why they don't have a separate morning/evening pill, so it will work during both times.