Sunday, August 23, 2015

Good enough is...

My it has been a while, hasn't it?

A choice has been coming before me in the early mornings... Alan / B-san / my ever-interesting bladder frequently demands a 3 or 4 AM emptying, which of course I am happy to provide, but then it's back to bed and awake awake awake!
Eventually I get back to sleep at least sort-of kind-of, but then the cat wants something and demands attention. I will not feed her until the sun has risen, there's no way I'm going to train her to expect food in the middle of the night, she seems happy with 4AM stroking, but I don't need help staying awake, dang it!

Acupuncture clock says the Lung official gets a little extra energy between 3 and 5 AM, but Lung doesn't seem, given what little I know about such things, to be absolutely perfect for diddling the computer, so I haven't yet decided to take the pre-dawn plunge.

A long-time friend of mine is having some Issues, and I won't go into ANY details 'cause that wouldn't help, but said person is having huge problems which may, from my jaundiced perspective, be ameliorated by changing the way said person thinks about said problem.... which is always hard to do, alas. We MSers, and let's amend that to "we humans," all too often need to change the way we think, just ask the Buddha (as it were), but the way we think is certainly buried by our --OK, my-- getting stuck in Dealing With The Disease. It would be so easy if The Disease were actually a villain that could be put in its place!

Then again, as those of us who watch Steven Universe and such things like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD can tell you, that doesn't always work out so good...

But but there is good news! Just sitting at the computer seems somehow more doable than it was just a week ago; I actually got some music done, even! Sure wish I could do more... but yet, that might even be possible, who can say?

But you can tell, things are better because I can chat with you folks, and simply sitting at the machine to do this at all, is a triumph. A triumph!

This is one of the great lessons of traveling the MS Highway...

Just do something.

Doesn't matter what. Just do it.

Every triumph is a triumph.

And by definition, "good enough" is good enough.

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