Friday, July 25, 2014

If you let it

Hotter than the hinges of Hell, here in Sou Cal. Thank God, every one and each of them, for my humble little window-mounted A/C's.

My handyman-neighbor is working on the back bathroom, to make it more wheelchair-friendly. One of the first things he put in were handicap bars (for support in "walking" from the door to the commode), which were a godsend. Irritated me, at myself, for waiting so long to have that done. Very easy it was, just get the correct equipment and use it correctly.

Why that seems so bizarre a concept for so many people in so many contexts, I have no idea.

Wife is having the time of her life at ComicCon. Quite the amazing place, from what I see from this distance...

I don't go, for several reasons, but a very important one of which is WIFEY NEEDS A VACATION. By herself, without MS-wracked-invalid-husband to take care of. No, she's there to do Her Things in her Own Way by herself. Of this, I approve. Big time.

I don't think I have been on a "take time to heal yourself and just have fun vacation" in years. If ever. I've had fun going paces, but never just cut the strings and take care of yourself and just have fun. Well, I do take the time to enjoy my favorite izakaya when I'm inVegas, but that's pretty much as close as I get to a "treat yourself" vacation.

Must be nice to do that. Should do that more, somehow.

Been reading and enjoying Ram Dass on the web. Many good thoughts to think about, good questions to put before myself. A lot of my own processing seems to call for simply using the Witness. Rather than "that annoys me" or more (too) commonly "They annoy me"... "They" does change an awful lot, just be truthful. "That pisses me off" isn't as healthful as "I see that. I feel angry," because that path will show you where you need to do work.

If you let Them, They can be your teacher.

As can MS.

If you let it...

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