Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What you can get

It has been an interesting week. Wife has been at ComicCon, having the time of her life--which I am definitely all for, I've never really been a "vacation" type, who goes somewhere just to recharge, so when someone does it (recharges), I'm definitely for it!

Have been very tenderly cared for by Karen's mother, visiting from Louisiana. A godsend, she has been, and we have had quite a bit of fun. Even introduced her to the yummies at Ten Ren, including almond-milk black tea, which she loved! (She's a black-tea person, not the oolong kook that I am. Lord knows, definitely not a fan of matcha. Oh my, no.)

House Guys are rigging the back bathroom to make it more handi-friendly. It's already much more wheelchair-friendly, they widened the door and everything. Although, the more they work on it, the clearer it is that the people who converted the garage into a bedroom/bathroom combo should probably have watched a few more home improvement shows. Several more.

But even things like simple handles and handrails make a huge difference. Huge difference. I'm well out of the "wall walking" stage I used to be in, what little "walking" I do is pretty much my P/T, but I'm able to do it with handles and other things to carry my weight, so as far as "bad" goes, it's actually pretty good.

MD/acupuncture/dharma talk day, today. A fine thing to do in a way-too-hot LA day, when the A/C's may be off while House Guys work on the bathroom, rerouting a wire that runs directly through what's best described as WTF territory. They'll fix that, too, and good for them!

Karen's mom will be with us for at least a week more; it'll be nice for Karen to have some "mom time," as well as providing additional generous care for both me and the house. (Moms always clean amazingly, don't they? A blessing for us all, the gift that keeps on giving.)

Meanwhile, we'll be enjoying the A/C at home, since outside the phone predicts its gonna get up to nearly 100. Which my legs like, but wracks my core; I'm both heat sensitive and cold sensitive.

Well, take what you can get, right? And sometimes, it can be quite wonderful. Surprisingly wonderful... even delightfully wonderful!

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Muffie said...

That's great that your "accessorizing" your bathroom! I can see the difference between wall walking and bar hopping -- the latter is better. ;-> Isn't it strange how we never think of the size and layout of our rooms until we need them to bigger and more open! Glad you get along well with your mother-in-law!