Saturday, April 5, 2014

Music happened... magically, maybe

Is the music drought over?

Well, I dunno about that, but for the last couple of days, I was inspired to write something and so I did.

Christian Cagigal is an awesome magician from San Francisco way, and he was down here in the LA area to perform at the Magic Castle. Technically he's an excellent magician, but what attracts me to his work is that he knows about theater. How to create a space that has ... flavor.

His props and set pieces are old. Quite old, a hundred (ish) years or even more. His last week's show involved a music box, and as you can see from the pictures above, he likes clocks. He seems quite fascinated with things that time has... passed. One effect deals with the survivors (or non-survivors) of the Titanic, in some effects he'll add a clock or even a metronome.

So I was inspired to write some music. Which I did, even... You'll hear a music box, and a clock, and the sound of time passing or even having passed a long... long... time ago.

I'm hoping to get more writing done today, even. We'll see. Because I have a laundry list of music that needs writing... we'll see if the writing will finally, finally, happen.

As I said, we'll see... but regardless: Enjoy!

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