Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's do that again.

A possibility... something worth further experimentation.

I feel like I'm in a world of "hitting the wall." I seem to hit the wall regularly, sometimes "constantly," and sometimes unavoidably.

Further compounded by my "eating problems." Not "too much eating," more of an "at all" eating. Not experiencing "hunger" as I always used to, I can run for way, way, way too long without eating anything. Someone says that not eating for that long is a bad idea, you need to eat, here's something... and I just push it away, because I can't bring myself to eat much, if anything.

But, I think I'm starting to see an actual "system," or at least a "method," to try. I'll talk to my Medical Team this week, but initial experiments suggest success.


Don't "run empty." And Lord knows, not for hours after hours of empty. One herbalist said don't eat three times a day, eat five, just adjust meal size accordingly.

But I think a good use of my energy is, of all things, snacking. Prudently, but yeah, snacking. I can sometimes feel like "Gee, is that my stomach telling me it's empty?"

But a good, healthy snack. A favorite is daifuku mochi,  a nice size, easy to eat, and (at least, I like to tell myself this) it's a "complete protein" of rice and beans. But whatever, it's tasty and good. So we start there.

Fruit works for snacking (herbalist likes us to keep the sugar in the fruit under control, but a few pieces are just fine). Slices of ham, even, work fine. The back garden is currently gearing up for tomatoes, but as soon as they're available, I'll be psyched to roam about and pick one and enjoy it!

Two huge things that affect my eating; can I "operate" it (e.g., get it to my mouth without bouncing it off my chest, lap, or floor), and is it light enough? Sometimes I simply can't bear to eat without helping myself to certain of my medicinal herbs, but the right food is easy and interesting and yummy, which is the threefer for success. We went to a new sushi bar the other day, which apparently has a yakitori division in the back but with far more on offer than the traditional chicken, but man, lemme tell you, after having had months (years) of "don't ask me to eat that because I can't bear to eat anything" knocked out of the water into "fun and edible" just by a sushi bar... that's definitely a road to follow. Small, tasty, nutritious, easy to handle (hands not working so well nowadays, so "just pick it up and go" is really nice) and fun to eat because it's nice and light even after all that flavor. I'll definitely take that.

So here I am at 3:00PM-ish, when in past days I've hit the wall and crashed and burned and spent the day lying in bed, maybe (probably) sleeping, and instead here we are in the middle of the afternoon and I'm still sitting up and typing (well enough, at least, even that's also been an issue recently) and I am not hitting the wall.

Good change, not hitting the wall. There are a few things one is not likely to say in this MS world, but here we go...

Let's do that again.

Not hitting the wall, that is.

And eating enough of stuff that's good and good for you?

No adverse side effects, there. Yeah, I guess if I gorged myself like a pig for hours and days and weeks, one might not immediately think of that as a "good idea," but considering that the other day I was "standing up" to move from the wheelchair to the car and my pants simply slid off and hit the ground...

I've got a long way to go before "eating too much" becomes an issue.

For now... sushi bar, ho! Ten Ren tea for dessert. Not a bad combination!

"Good" comes in many packages, some of them fancy, some of them humble and small. But "good" is always...


Let's do that again.

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