Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And then what

Had the usual weekly acupuncturing/MD chat/dharma talk with My Guy. Nothing particularly outstanding, points-worth-reporting wise, although I think (I think) I got a point called "Relax and Joy." Which corresponds with my prescription for the week:

Have fun.

Or, as might be more accurately transcribing what lay underneath his prescription, "Dude, come on, have fun!" Keep out of the dark waters and stay in the sunshine!

I've been reading the blogs of Ram Dass, and as you can imagine, he's very big on "Be here, now"... One recent post, which might be of especial interest to us MSers, was about transforming or transmuting energy.

I'm certainly getting a lot of "Be here, now" messages pretty much right in the face... daily. Hourly. Minute-ly. Remembering the conversation I had with my doctor, years ago, about the wheelchair. Keep out of it as long as you can,  he told me, because if you get in it, you may never get out of it.

Well, I'm in it now. Whether I want to be in it, does not apply. Am I going to stay in it or one day get up and walk away?

My doctor years ago had an MS patient who did just that. A quarter-century in a wheelchair; one day he got better, got up, and walked out of the hospital. Yes, it does happen like that, sometimes. MS being MS and all.

As I often quote Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings, "Who can say?"

As for today... do some "business" things, file some pieces of paper and get them off my desk, enjoy some mochi-centric treats Karen brought us yesterday, maybe have a waffle. Write music. Dunno about that yet... Maybe. Or not. As I'm typing this, I honestly don't know.

Make some tea, I think, is a good place to start. At some point later today I'll go outside and get some sun as well as some air, which here in Pasadena is especially nice today.

iPhone app says it's going to be 90! Or 80! Or something else!

Well, that's the MS highway for you, ain't it? Or, just like life...

We'll see what's going to happen when we get there. And then what?

Be here. Now.

What else do we have?

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"What else do we have?"