Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Well, we've apparently come to That Time of Year...

Weather Channel says it's 80 here in Pasadena at the moment, but it's gonna go up to 96.

I am become, as I have been for several years, Schroedinger's MS Patient.


I go outside into the heat, and like so many MSers, I don't enjoy it at all. At all.

From the waist up, that is.

Hundred degree heat, I've even been in, and from the waist down, my legs are happy. Very, very, happy.

"Oh, finally it's warm enough!" they say. "How wonderful!"

It's quite the conundrum. Get out of the heat because it makes me feel bad. Get into the heat because it makes me feel good.

Wherever I go, I'm happy. And unhappy. Or something...

Ram Dass speaks of suffering as grace.

Well, sometimes we MSers, we've got a lot of suffering to deal with. Which means we have a lot of grace to...

Deal with?

Now, that's a problem we could all use more of, isn't it...


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awb said...

For years my division wasn't between upper and lower, it was between left and right. I WAS Schrodinger's cat, both alive and dead within the same body!