Sunday, December 8, 2013

One thing at a time

Days of doing much and doing nothing.

Today I've tossed some laundry into the washing machine. Took some clean towels out of the dryer and put some of them away, stacked the rest on the top of the dryer, who knows? Some of them might get put away too, if I can figure out where they go.

Earlier this week, I made green tomato pickles, which taste like they'll just keep getting better.

And there's the washer alarm… time to dry!

[A brief pause, in our blogging festivities…]

And we're back.

In transferring the clean wash to the dryer, I needed to get out of the wheelchair enough to stand up to reach down into the washer to scoop up the to-be-dried stuff. Which, enjoyably enough, I was able to do well enough! But I did wonder, when it's finally time to replace these appliances, whether we'll just bit the bullet and go for front-loaders that are front-loadable from a wheelchair.

I had dreams of replacing our stove/oven with something with hotter burners on top and a nice convection oven for bread making. Well, stovetops and wheelchairs gotta be executed VERY carefully, and since I've been pushed away from gluten (my herbalist said that gluten may not be air-quotes "bad" for me, but in his words: "You can do better," I'd have to go into non-wheat-flower baking big time, and experimenting with non-dairy baking plus non-gluten baking plus whatever you're cooking with assumes you can get at the correct angle to stir it and form the whatever-your-making which, as far as I know, is delightfully straightforward from a standing position but I'm not sure how to do it from a wheelchair even given tables at the right height for such things, which we don't have anyway, so…

We'll wait on the non-dairy non-gluten baking. And here I was plotting zero-dairy scones as my first try… Which, I may just up and do anyway… someday… but that's for another day.

Pickles I can make, apparently, much more simply than bread or pastries or all sorts of other things. One thing at a time, it seems.

And "doing nothing?" Yeah, that's very attractive right now. I'm hoping to spend time at the computer for the moment, but who knows how long that'll last before I give up and just lie down. And maybe sleep.

Which I do a lot of, nowadays. Lie down, close my eyes, and maybe sleep. Maybe.

So, we'll see how long this "computer" binge lasts this morning. And how far I get on the music I'm working on, I'm trying to get my "concert band" head back on so I can go back to the Big Project that I envisioned over a year ago.

One thing at a time..

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