Monday, December 23, 2013


My wife's 81-year-old mother is visiting us for the holidays. I told her a day or so ago that one of the best things about living with The Disease is that it made me more sensitive to how amazing her daughter/my wife really is.

And she really is inventive, and resourceful, and caring, and amazing.

And being more sensitive to her really is one of the best things about living with The Disease.

Not that I'd dump The Disease in a quick second if I had the opportunity.

But I'd keep the sensitivity to my wife. Who deserves to be appreciated for the "wonderful" that she is.

And though I'm quite positive that she'd be just as wonderful if I wasn't wheelchair-bound with her doing all the… well, everything that I can't do for myself. And that she'd be just as happy not to.

But she is wonderful, and will always remain wonderful. If not ever-increasingly so.

The best gift of MS… sensitivity to those who are sensitive to me. To treat them with the care they deserve, and to appreciate them and thank them properly;  they are always so generous and caring.

And if that isn't an interesting challenge… to be ask kind to others as they are to me. And to be kind to others if kind understanding is what they need.

To give generously, to those who deserve it and those who just need it.

The same challenge that we get from, y'know… life?

So, gentle readers, I pass the challenge along to you, whether you've been accessorized by MS or not.

Give generously.

Let's see what happens!

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