Wednesday, December 4, 2013

It's a gift

Definitely a "down time."

We're definitely in the time of the element Water, which as a Fire person, I find… extinguishing. Even Fire needs Water, to keep it under control and to nurture its parent, Wood. But it is… extinguishing.

I'm writing a little more music, a little more text. Drinking a lot of pu-erh tea, which I can tell is good for me but as a member of the Cath Club, diuretic beverages have their… costs.

Among said costs are new kinds of false data. As a member of the Cath Club, I can be pretty danged sure when my bladder is darned-near absolutely empty. There are just too many "tells" that there is no fluid in there besides a random drop or two; that empty is, well, empty.

So I finish my visit to the Cath Club, I wash and put everything away, and before I'm even out of the bathroom, the "I gotta go!" alarms start going off. Dude, I'm thinking, you don't have anything to go with, what the hell are you complaining about?

This so encapsulates my entire MS experience… Bad data. Untrustworthy data. External observations confirm condition A, and yet whatever nerves are enthusiastically reporting condition B.

Well, I suppose, I can thank my lucky stars that my nerves are able to report anything. Bad data, we can work with, or around; it's a much better circumstance than what "zero data" would mean.

Yeah, it pisses me off, I wish it would make me laugh more than it does, but hey, I gotta admit…

It's a gift.

A weird one. Sometimes an irritating one. A "Dude, come ON!" kind of gift. And still… at the bottom line, if we really drill down and see what exactly it provides...

It's a gift.

You take what you can get in this life, you know?

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