Friday, August 9, 2013

The Season; call; a desired side effect

We're in, or knocking on the door of, the time the five-element practitioners refer to as the season of Earth.

The article says "Despite the abuse it has to endure, the earth is forgiving and continues to feed and provide for us."

Now, that is definitely something for everybody to hear, but especially for us MSers to hear.

Right now, I'm living in a place of "Sure would be nice to [whatever]." Not much time elapses. "Nope." And then perhaps lie down. And stay there.

Which is definitely working against my very-deeply-rooted overachiever. "But I need to do X! DANG do I need to do Y! I should be able to at least work on Z, I've gotta also work on A,B,C..."

And then the answer you get back instead is "Nope. You're staying right here. Or in that bed."

Gotta remind myself of what every single person on the planet is called to do: "Do the good you can, as best as you can, with what you have to work with. Which, of course, includes YOU."

So, very much in the depths of "I so ain't going nowhere tonight," I did what I could.

I fed myself (yummy tuna sandwiches!), left enough to share with wife, wrote some letters that needed writing, placed a call that needed calling. Wrote this. Poured myself some tea and yummy medicinal herbs.

I still have some things I wished I had, or would be able to, address. But they won't get done if I completely frag myself, and they're doing "un-doneness" quite well without my help.

And if the earth forgives me, perhaps I should put "forgiveness" on my over-achiever "to-do" list.

Which also has, something very precious to us MSers... no side effects. Other than, you know, peace?

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