Friday, August 2, 2013

Leveraging light sharing

Some very interesting thoughts from life coach Jessica Colp. I have not engaged her services, just heard a podcast, and can't say anything more about her work... but certainly, her podcast raised some very interesting points.

One of which was urging her listeners/clients to become "present with" their bodies. Sensitive to it, and really to connect to it.

Now, I gotta tell you folks, speaking as an MSer, being "sensitive" is something I really don't need to be urged to do, as though it were something new and completely different.

Sensitivity is one of the things I have very little problem getting "more" of. (Clearly, her clients have different ... issues, let's call them... than us MSers.)

But to come to terms with, and to be present with, and be comfortable in the connection to and inhabitance of one's body... that is definitely something very much worth thinking about.

Colp's assertion is that you can't really connect to your own special strengths, strengths special to you and you alone simply because you were born with them, ain't gonna happen until you come to terms with and become fully present in your body.

I can't speak for others in the MS community, but I'm guessing that given the (here's that term again) "issues" we have, we've got more than enough stuff to come to terms with.

And yet, come to terms with them we must. This body (such as it is) is the vehicle we've chosen to work through and with. It's what we've got. It's all we've got. There's no waving goodbye to it and starting over with something else unless we want to throw our entire incarnation out the window with it. Which, I might add, from what I've heard from all sorts of sources, some of whom speak of the consequences imposed by the powers beyond this life for exercising that option, is such a bad idea. So let's not talk about that choice, 'cause again speaking for myself here, I ain't taking that road. By choice, at least.

So again, speaking only of my experience ('cause that's as close to "authoritative" as I can get on such matters), yeah my bigger-every-day-air-quotes "walking" is working differently every day. Bladder (or "B-san," as I've called it in previous posts) works ... differently, let's call it... all the time.

But if we (OK, "I") really really really pay attention to the experience, it isn't "bad." It's interesting. No air quotes there... it actually is interesting. The sensations we (I) get are unique to that very moment. What we choose to do to work around, or better yet with, those experiences are different every time.

Just. Like. LIFE.

So I definitely hear the call to embrace my body in whatever state it happens to be in at whatever moment. It really is full of actually quite amazing experiences.

Are they different? Oh [insert very loud stream of obscenities] yes.

Are they inconvenient? That depends on our choices. Because what do we really have to do?

Uh.... live?

Do I wish things were different? Hell, who doesn't?

But here's an interesting parallel... I got requested to maybe adjust one of my pieces that I had written for a standard 19th-century orchestra (let's call it 50 players) to be performed by a radically different group. Far fewer players, including (or not including) some of the players I specifically wrote the piece to rely upon.

And I'm reorchestrating it to work with what little they have.

And I'm enjoying it. Because I feel like compositionally/orchestrationally, that's a special gift of mine: helping whatever players exist to sound the best they can by adjusting their tasks to match,, if not to full-on leverage, their strengths.

And is that not the task presented to all of us MSers? Leverage what you've got to make what you do into something... beautiful? Not "beautiful question mark," "beautiful multiple-exclamation-points."


Jessica Colb calls such people "light workers." Not the opposite of "heavy" workers, but those who work with light. Who bring light to others. To everyone, even.

So, I dare you. Screw that, I dare me... to "share the shiny," as a friend of mine calls it. Shininess has nothing to do with whiz-bang neurological nonsense. Or anything... besides light.

So, MS limitations... let's just come out and say it: Fuck you. And now that that's out of my system... here's something completely different.

MS symptoms... Welcome! And together, let's share the shiny... and let the light shine! And what we don't need to add to the light... as the Science of Mind church liked to say, "Let go, and let God." There is some [something] for whom such things are within their pay grade... so regift our difficulties to them. With thanks... because whatever [it/them] is is already sharing the shiny with us.

How? Well, that's definitely above my pay grade. "How" doesn't matter. I already know how, and what I don't know will be revealed to me, when the time comes, and I just need to be aware of it when it comes, not the how.

We chose this path for a reason. The path chose us for a reason. Don't know what it is, don't care what it is. Above my pay grade, definitely. But what is there that the path calls from us?

Let the light shine.

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