Monday, April 15, 2013

Good place to start

Well, I got some answers from my Medical Team today, about the "I have to sleep all the time" that has been making a lot of the "What's Robert up to today?" decisions. Very often, what Robert is "up to" is "sleeping."

The bottom line appears to be: Things are getting repaired by the brain/nervous system in its "sleep" state, and the "sleep" process. This is what you need right now. Don't fight it. Go with it.

Sometimes, simply hearing that whatever state you're in (especially if you don't like it) actually qualifies as "normal," is surprisingly comforting. It's (whatever "it" is, right now) not something "wrong," it's something that's doing what it's doing in order to create "right."

So, what's there for me to do about it, I am very quick to ask. Do what you can to whatever you can do something "to," don't worry about what you can't do anything "to," and go with whatever in the body is trying to make things better, even if the body's choices are not what you were hoping for. Take your herbs. Stay comfortable. And, as best you can... live.

It's a good place to start, isn't it?


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