Monday, April 29, 2013

But it still...

Had a good visit with my MD/acupuncturist earlier today. I told him about my upcoming (new!) physical therapy session tomorrow, he was very happy about how they're approaching things. And, I should also add, approaching me.

I got a B12 injection today. Usually, I feel nothing (except pain) from such things, but today I actually feel the exhilaration, an "energetic renewal," that people often report from such things. A nice change, from the "it hurts and I can't tell a damned bit of difference" that is my usual reaction to these things.

But it still hurts.

Oh well.

Last weekend, I went to the school at which I used to work; the chorus and orchestra performed one of my works at the Spring Music Concert on Friday night, and Saturday the school hosted a "reunion day" for many classes, one of which was mine—35th reunion!

For a long time, I was the only one of my class who was going to be in attendance, but out of nowhere another '78er came by... one of my best friends from that class, I was very glad that he made it, and we had a wonderful time talking to each other.

But, it was very interesting being there, at that school, again, given what happened a year ago (wow! It nearly has been a full year!), the maelstrom of things that, to spare you a very long list of very gory details, marked "Time for you to leave."

And many "data points" from many sources have definitely solidified that into "Oh dang, was it ever time for you to leave." And last weekend made that clear in several, very interesting ways...

But it was nice to see my friends—and I number many of my former students among my "friends." Even made a couple of "oh, we SO gotta do this!" agreements for visits to the Taiwanese tea emporium. Plus, made a few of those agreements with former students who are now over 21 for getting together at some Japanese restaurants I know of, places that have really, really good sake.

A time to let go, and a time to reconnect.... and again to let go, but this time, with luck, with more smiles.

And with luck, my B12 shot will stop hurting before I see them again. No side effects, never side effects with 1,000mg B12 shots!

But dang, it still hurts.


Muffie said...

I'm not sure if there was a particular 'one thing' that caused you leave your teaching, but it's good to hear that your return was pleasant. Sorry about the painful shot -- feel better soon.

Gail said...

Glad you had a nice re-connect at your school. Must have felt good.
B12 shots, huh? I take 1000 mg oral daily -

And if you get a sec, I put up a new post -
Love Gail

p.s. you are a tough nut to crack, I say with love, humor and high regard!

Robert Parker said...

Gail: Glad to hear the oral B12 works for you! My MD (sort of) explained to me the huge number of "failure modes" that can keep orally-acquired B12 from being metabolized, which is why some of us "have" pernicious anemia (e.g., we don't have enough B12 in our systems) and that's why we get the shots.

Oh yeah, did I *ever* try the sublinguals. For me... no dice; that method of B12 "entry" is rife with those very failure modes, so it doesn't bypass the need for the shots.

Oh well. Nice idea, though. On paper. But hey, if it's working for you, COOL!

Gail said...

HI ROBERT - so glad you stopped by my place. "YAY" :-)
Love Gail