Monday, March 4, 2013

Sensitivity; enjoyment

Nature... life... is always changing.

Astronomically, there are four seasons, marked by the equinoxes and the solstices, and those days are marked at amazing places like Stonehenge.

In the five-element system (as is true with many other systems), there are five seasons. We are currently entering into the season of Wood, which is invested with the power of birth and renewal.

My kyudo teacher says that in a traditional Japanese view, there are more than a hundred seasons; which works out roughly to a different season every four days or so.

But, I gotta say, although I'm quite convinced of the changing Elements in the five-element system... I think my kyudo teacher is right. Seasons change more frequently than four or even five times a year. They're always changing.

So, my fellow travelers on the Neurological Highway, I suggest that it's time to leverage that hypersensitivity that came with our neurological accessorization...  and go outside, and feel the season. Breathe the air. Enjoy the sun. Feel the wind, rough or gentle.

We became more sensitive. Let's enjoy it.

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