Saturday, March 16, 2013

Officials maybe... who can say?

Trying to find whether there's a pattern in my gotta-sleep-now-now-now attacks.

Morning is just fine. A lunch actually around lunchtime, today.

Then, head quickly to bed and stay there. For quite a while.

It seems to be happening systematically during the hours of the Small Intestine official.

Does that mean something? I don't know.

The job of the Small Intestine official is "to ensure that only that which is good, pure, and worthy of consideration gets through to the Heart."

Well, considering the spiritual "house cleaning" I've been doing recently, I wouldn't be surprised if the Small Intestine official is working overtime. Oh, you damn betcha I'll be talking to my MD/acupuncturist/spiritual advisor at my next session on Monday. In the meantime...

More sleep. More housecleaning. Tote renshu kyudo, air, and sunlight, all three of which were especially wonderful today. Keep banging down medicinal herbs.

And... then what?

As Aragorn often asked in the Lord of the Rings... "Who can say?"

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