Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prescriptions; interesting gifts

A good visit with my MD/acupuncturist, today. He treated a bunch of points with "Heavenly" in their names... of course, I don't know exactly what that's going to mean, but I enjoy the poetry. And I do definitely feel different after his treatments. Who knows? Perhaps this week, I'll actually feel... heavenly.

He was very enthusiastic to hear reports about how I'm starting to feel new sensation in my legs, in the soles of my feet and below the knees. Odd sensations, quite odd indeed... but sensations nonetheless.

And he gave me the usual prescription, along the lines of "Dude... you've so got to exercise more. Any exercise. Any!!! exercise. But you've got to exercise more."

Well, I have been... a little... but apparently, too little.

Given the prescriptions we M.S.ers are often given... being given a prescription that doesn't involve getting injected with something that makes me feel horrible for day after day, and getting injected again and again... not so bad a prescription.

But unfortunately, this prescription also has a side-effect, too... using my legs sometimes (read that as "often" or "usually") kicks my bladder into over-enthusiasm, and I'm quite sure he didn't intend to include "dash/wall-walk/stumble to the bathroom" within his definition of "do more exercise." But since I know M.S.ers who need mechanical assistance with bladder emptying, an annoyingly-functioning bladder is definitely better than a non-functioning one, so I count myself lucky.

Counting yourself lucky while you're living with neurological nonsense. Honestly thinking of yourself as lucky... not just "trying to put a good spin on something awful" while you're really thinking of it if you're saddled with misfortune. Really feeling lucky to have the malfunction that you have. That's an interesting gift of M.S., isn't it?

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nicole said...

Because it could be so more worse?