Friday, April 20, 2012

Gifts and gifting

A very mixed day. A day of gifts and gifting; some sweet, some bittersweet.

Office cleaning. Saying goodbye to possessions, some of which that, in all honesty, were due for a goodbye. Which probably would have received a goodbye in due course anyway; but one that was not so replete with mixed emotion.

Joy, at re-gifting tools that have been close friends for a decade, no longer needed by myself but eagerly received by other friends; sweet, shared joy.

A gift from a fellow M.S. blogger:

Her own post about this award and its name speaks of it ever so eloquently. Thank you!

An evening spent in semi-darkness. No motivation to read, to create, to ... anything. The Food Network and the Cooking Network, so often sources of at least entertainingly-delivered information, are thick with shows depicting menus that involve five to six different kinds of dairy products. Or seven to eight, sometimes. Having been put on the Zero Dairy For Any Reason, Ever diet, and having been on it for ... oh, I forget how many months or years I've been on it... Anyway, having not had any dairy for as long as I can remember—not missing it, oddly enough—and watching show after show cooking things that could not be made without using my body weight in dairy products: well, it's not as entertaining as it used to be.

Frankly, I'm amazed that the hosts don't simply keel over from some sort of spectacular cardiac reprisal. But even I can't find the humor in waiting for that.

Fell over, this afternoon. Was walking to my favorite chair, suddenly started careening (which, I'm sorry to report, happens all too often when I'm not wall-walking, and even sometimes when I am), and I couldn't find anything to grab to regain any sort of control. Wound up doing a full-on face-plant, fortunately into a mercifully soft pile of laundry. Zero injury, thank goodness; but man, have I karked up my glasses—and I'm horribly sensitive to them being even the slightest bit out of adjustment. And out of adjustment? Oh man oh man, they sure are now! I sure hope my oculist is open tomorrow... for my convenience, though, he probably won't be.

On the schedule for the rest of the evening: Yummy medicinal herbs. Bed. Hope for a reasonable amount of sleep tonight, and a better day tomorrow; on the calendar tomorrow, a tea tasting: Amber oolong, I believe.

Take tea and see, the old saying goes. Well, we'll indeed see... Tomorrow, I'll take tea, and with luck, enjoy.

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Gail said...

Hi - hope your weekend is peaceful and without incident. For us MS'ers that is a special gift.
Love to you