Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Funny; not funny; not tonight.

My beloved followers, my friends and readers, you know that I often find humor in things that (for most people) aren't at all funny. Moments of humor in the darkness... often dark humor, in the darkness... but still, I find the most amazing things ... funny. And often, that dark but unexpected humor really lifts my spirits, precisely when they need lifting most.

Then again, there are things that are "supposed to be" funny— but oh boy, from my point of view, they really aren't.

Today I came home from having done way too many "all sorts of things" completely dispirited. I had spent a lot of effort a few days ago walker-walking much further than I enjoyed, obtaining groceries to make a Thai curry this evening; but when I got home, I was so dispirited that I was saying both to myself and my wife that I just didn't think I could do it. I'll cook tomorrow. Maybe. If all goes well. Which, the way I was feeling at that moment, probably wasn't going to happen then, either.

We clicked on the TV: and there, waiting for us, was South Park. The episode: Creme Frische. Randy had become convinced that he was going to become a celebrity chef, and kept singing a song about "Creem FREESH..."

That was funny. That episode, greeting me, who was completely convinced that I just didn't have it in me to cook anything. How could I not cook, with South Park laughing at me? Now, I did have to spend more time than usual in a chair rather than standing over the cutting board, and the "usual tasks" were often not at all easily done from a chair. But chair or not, dispirited or not, I did them. Not my most perfect creation, but considering how many Thai dishes I don't cook on a regular basis, to use a little too much galangal and not quite enough curry paste didn't matter so much. And I'm even more looking forward to the rising outdoor temperature, so I can use my outside camp stove that cranks out enough BTUs for real cooking.

So... "creem FREESH" got me cooking. That was funny.

A little later, this week's Brand New Episode comes on. Now, South Park does go for what I call "poo poo humor" a little too readily for my taste, but in this week's episode, we got a way to intimate view of Cartman's alimentary canal, and way too much information about how his poor eating habits had loosened his bowels and in a few moments, he was going to completely lose control of said bowels and befoul himself.

Dear South Park folks: I agree with you that Cartman probably deserved to have that happen. But let me tell you... being unable to control your own elimination system? For whatever reason?

Not funny. Believe me; I know all about that. And you definitely don't want to hear any more details about that particular story. And please also believe me about this: I really don't wish it on you, or on anyone. For any reason. Ever. But... really. Just trust me. Not funny.

I only saw about sixty seconds of this episode. And that's all I'm going to see.

Two episodes tonight, both of them very close to home; one of them funny, one of them NOT funny. But both close to home.

I'm sure that at some point in the not-so-distant future, I'll be able to find the humor in that particular juxtaposition.

But not tonight.

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