Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First prescription of the new year

My doctor saw, and agreed with, the TEDx talk that encourages M.S.ers (if not everybody) to follow the "hunter-gathererer diet." I pretty much already do, although if I really were to be following it slavishly, I could stand to eat way more kale and seaweed. And organ meats.

He did tell me that right away, I should have more fish oil--cod liver oil, even, if I could deal with the flavor. (Given the flavors of the Chinese herbal brews I've had by the gallon, this'll be easy.)

And eat. I've lost way, way too much weight. He told me to chase down the foods I enjoy, and eat them. And enjoy them. Three underlines under "enjoy."

He even wrote it on a prescription pad.

Not a bad prescription to start the year with, eh? Although I can just imagine the to-do with the insurance company... "Sushi?!? What do you mean, he 'prescribed' this?"

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