Monday, January 30, 2012

Changes; sensitivity

Things change.

We should know that, we M.S.ers, considering how many of them we've experienced; but all sorts of reminders come at us from so many directions.

This weekend, I did a huge load of dishes. Probably did a little too much standing-at-one-"standing," as it were, but that definitely fell into the category of "dammit, I'm doing these dishes. All of them."

And I did. And that was good. And that, the completion of the dishes, was something I hadn't been able to do for a few days. And I did it. And that was a change; a wonderful change.

After work today, I went shopping. Came home, made dinner, and did the dishes (not a lot of them, but still—I did them). Success with all three. It has been a while...that was a change. A very nice change.

I saw some Organizational Stuff go down today in some organization I'm familiar with (name withheld because it really doesn't matter in this context). I didn't like it. But somehow, as much as I heard my ego chattering about how outraged I was, I actually heard my heart talking to me, and somehow, it cut through the chatter and I actually heard it say: This one, is not yours. Let it change. Others will care for it. It's not yours.

Sensitivity. We M.S.ers, we're very, very sensitive. Sometimes it hurts; sometimes, it lets us hear the Inner Voice; something we should have been listening to for a long time.

Comes free with your wheelchair. Interesting "disease."

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Muffie said...

I know you're still in the workforce, but when you leave, watch how much clearer that listening becomes. Since I've "disabled retired," I think that Voice is much clearer because there aren't so many others screaming for attention.