Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today, the answer would be...

An... interesting... day. "Interesting" in its variegation, if nothing else.

Spent a few hours assisting my wife, a superlative actor turning to a specialty of voice acting, to record some lines for a video game. She was superb. I loved every minute of it. I did a little bit of editing for her, taking out the empty spaces and the "let's do this one again" off-mic asides, getting it ready for her to do the hard work of compiling the final version to be sent to the producers.

She made us lunch. I enjoyed it.

Then... I tried to stand up. And nearly couldn't.

Somehow I made it to the bedroom, and hid with my face under a pillow for a few hours. Got up (almost couldn't), somehow made it to the bathroom and back (almost didn't), hid for a few more hours, then somehow made it back to the studio, and this computer. And, needless to say, almost didn't.

I seem to have acquired a new symptom; after I eat, I spend several hours feeling like "oh dear, maybe I shouldn't have eaten that." It's not indigestion, as I'm familiar with it, it's... unhappiness with having something in my stomach. Anything in my stomach. Haven't quite narrowed it down to whether it's specific foods, or any foods. I sure hope not the latter.

Over the past few days, I've had bad reactions to, of all things, tea. Green tea. Quality green tea, gently brewed. I've had more than enough "Well, looks like I can't have that any more" reactions in my day, and damn it, I don't want that to be happening with one of the only non-water-only beverages I still enjoy.

Two days ago, I think it was, I was looking at the calendar and thinking, "Oh crap--how will I be able to do all those things that I want to do this summer?" Today, I'm thinking, "Am I going to be able to go back to work in September?"

Good thing neither of those need answering today. Because, if I had to give you an answer today, to either question, it'd be "I can't."

Frequently, I'm able to get something done just for the sake of "damn it, I'm not going to be that crippled that I can't do something."

Well, I got this done, for that reason.

So I guess... today's not all that bad, is it?

(The same way that 4 degrees Kelvin is "Well, it could be colder.")

You take what you can get, in the M.S. world.

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